Rumah Hujan

Rumah Hujan is primarily a private residence, conceived in its entirety – architecture, interiors, and landscaping – by Studio Jencquel. The villa is perched on the edge of the Tjampuhan ridge, overlooking a lush tropical valley above the river Wos. The property is surrounded by abundant nature, hence serious planning and landscaping considerations were required, in which all trees are kept and the land remains undisturbed. On a property of 2,400 square meters, the house itself has a floor surface of approximately 300 square meters. The exterior features extensive outdoor terraces, and a 15 m x 4 m saltwater infinity swimming pool. The easterly orientation of the house fulfils certain functional needs, such as being open to the environment, while still allowing a cozy feeling of protection. The predominant winds blow in from the valley and traverse the house, which reduces the ambient temperature. The Sun follows the wind in a similar motion, rising in the East, and also traverses the house in the early morning, thus waking its inhabitants with a warming morning light. Ruman Hujan is built in the style of a single-floor bungalow. It hosts a comfortable living room, a dining room, and a kitchen; as well as three bedrooms, one of which is a very large master bedroom. All rooms have adjacent exterior bathrooms. The facilities are all under one roof and on one floor. This places the house at odds with traditional Balinese compounds, which are fragmented and divided into separate pavilions. The main materials are reclaimed wood, locally sourced lava stones, and small amounts of marble. Quiet and entirely integrated into the adjoining nature, Rumah Hujan is simply a comfortable house to live in. After literally building Rumah Hujan with his own hands and a small team of carpenters, Maximilian readjusted his professional focus from interior design only, towards both interior design and also architectural design.

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